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Being Green

The green movement was started by the window industry back in the early '80s. Way before it was fashionable to use the word green we used "energy efficiency". Let’s face it, aluminum windows were not the best idea for a window or door product but no one cared back when fuel oil and energy was "cheap".

Energy Crisis Created Demand for Energy-efficient Construction Products

energy efficeint double hung window

Not until the 1973 oil crisis, did people begin to understand that maybe we should be a little better at insulating and conserving energy in our homes. That begged the question, "what is the biggest offender causing a home to lose energy?" It turned out to be several items at that time, but one component stood out from all others. Inferior windows could claim up to 80% of a home’s energy loss!!! It was not surprising to find out that aluminum frames were losing 1416 BTUs an hour and those of steel losing 312 BTUs an hour there had to be a better product out there. Wood was far superior in insulation quality at a conduction loss rate of 1.2 BTUs an hour but needed constant upkeep. How many times could wood be painted before the functionality of a window was affected? Two or three paint jobs and the window no longer functioned. If the window was not painted, then rot was sure to follow. Keep in mind that most windows are them wood, aluminum, or steel included only one pane of glass so you lacked any real barrier that effectively kept Mother Nature out.

Now one example of conductions I give to my clients is to take an aluminum spoon and put it in a hot pot of boiling chili for only a few minutes and the grab the end to stir it. “Wow” that’s no big surprise that you now burned your hand and are searching for the ice tray. Now try the same procedure with a steel spoon, it will take longer for the steel to heat up but the results are still the same. Now try that same procedure once again but with a wooden spoon and Voilà you have no energy transferred up the length of the spoon. This is because wood is a terrific insulator. Unfortunately, wood also is prone to warping, cracking and a host of other issues sometimes even when well maintained.


Now around the early '80s our industry truly melded two technologies together, one being two panes of glass sealed together by a technique called glazing and the invention of vinyl window frames with the strength needed for the window to function properly for years and years of maintenance free operation. While saving the average homeowner hundreds of dollars on maintenance as well as thousands on heating and cooling cost over the life of the home. Vinyl conducts only 1.3 BTUs an hour and the dual panes of glass could save up to 40% on monthly energy bills.

Industry Professionals Leading the Energy Efficiency Movement


Since 1984, I personally have sold thousands of energy efficient windows and so have my friends, colleagues, and competitors, from Alsides, Soft Lite, Atrium, and other manufacturers and competitors. We are the true green movement even before the name green meant anything more than the color of money. We are the true and deserving industry that should be called the green leaders. For my friends, colleagues, industry leaders and all our staff, I thank you for thousands of millions of kilowatts you have saved in your long and illustrious careers. We at Dynamic Renovations know all the newcomers have finally seen the light but we held the torch for years before they found there way to us.

Using Green Products

Tim, the president and founder of Dynamic Renovations has been in the remodeling business since the early '80s. Ever since he started remodeling he has been using “Green” products.

As years pass more and more green products continue to be released, and as these products come out Dynamic Renovations proudly adds them to our product list.

At Dynamic Renovations we are building science experts. We can give you detailed analysis on all our green building materials. When considering what materials to pick, Dynamic considers the weather we receive here in Northern VA, subterranean conditions, characteristics of the materials, energy consumption, longevity, sustainability, occupant comfort and many other components. Dynamic can make sure the quality of air in your home is excellent and uses green methods to do so. One way we work to maintain good air quality indoors is VOC (volatile organic compounds) free paint.

Dynamic has plenty of options when it comes to going green. Whether it be bio-glass counter tops for your kitchen or bathroom, energy efficient appliances, formaldehyde-free insulation, eco-friendly paint, energy efficient windows, house wraps, energy efficient siding, water saving sinks, high efficiency toilets and showers, sun tube, or any other “green” products, Dynamic Renovations is the dependable choice for all your eco-friendly remodeling needs.

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