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Raindrop Housewrap

The first cross-woven housewrap to offer advanced moisture management.

Green Guard saw the need for a better way to move moisture, so they developed RainDrop - a revolution in housewrap design.

Unique Drainage Channels.
RainDrop is the first ever housewrap with drainage channels that actually move water away from the wall. Allowing potentially harmful moisture to exit the wall.

Superior Weather-Resistive Barrier.
By preventing air and moisture infiltration of the wall cavity, RainDrop preserves the energy efficiency of the structure. The wrap also "breathes" to allow moisture to escape.

Excellent Durability.
RainDrop offers extreme tear resistance, even after it's nailed to the wall. And the drainage channels won't crimp, collapse, or flatten out during or after installation.

Easy Installation.
With its translucent design, RainDrop makes it easy for us to find studs, edges, corners and openings for problem-free installation. It goes up quickly-using staples, roofing nails, or plastic cap nails-and stays UV-stable up to four months. Plus, the green color helps reduce glare, so the wrap is easier to work with on sunny days.

Product Sheet.
Click here to download the RainDrop housewrap product sheet.

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