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Charter Oak Vinyl Siding

The first step to a beautiful home starts with quality materials, refined designs, continuously improved production and quality control processes. All of this with one goal in mind: unparalleled product quality; the day it's installed and for decades to come.

We offer quality you can count on. Charter Oak vinyl siding is made to be the be the best, and made to last. That's what you can count on when you choose Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Siding and the confidence that comes when working with Dynamic Renovations Inc.

Charter Oak® ... made with only the very best materials.
Developing a tough, durable and beautiful vinyl siding such as Charter Oakrequires
the technical skills of a chemical process engineer and the visual
sensibilities of an architect.
That's because the premium vinyl used in Charter Oak
is more than just simple PVC resin.
It's a proprietary compound,
with each ingredient chosen to add specific benefits to the final product.

PureStrength™ PVC Resin
Gives Charter Oak siding its basic strength and weather resistance. It prevents moisture infiltration from rain and humidity, so panels won't rot, warp, shrink or swell.
Ti-Pure® Titanium Dioxide
Prevents ultraviolet degradation, so even hot summer sun won't damage Charter Oak vinyl siding.
StayRight™ PVC Stabilizers
Helps prevent heat degradation, both during manufacturing and after installation.
TrueShield™ Impact Modifiers
Gives Charter Oak vinyl siding exceptional impact resistance, helping to prevent denting and dinging from routine around-the-house activities.
DesignersChoice™ Concentrates
Used to produce uniform colors that go clear through Charter Oak siding panels. You'll never have to stain or paint again, because the color won't wash away.
Charter Oak.
Technically, it's beautiful.

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