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Frequently Asked Questions about Vinyl Replacement Windows

Are all vinyl windows made the same?

Of course not, windows are made in many different ways. Two of the more common ways are the mechanically fastened windows that are screwed in at the corners, and then theirs the Welded windows that provide better sealing. Dynamic Renovations uses both types of windows, both Mechanical and Welded, depending on your choice. We use one of the more reliable types of mechanical fasteners that overlap the corner design for added strength, or our Welded windows that uses top-of-the-line welding equipment and not unreliable chemicals like some other companies.

Can my old wood, aluminum, or steel windows be replaced with newer, more efficient or different windows?

Of course you can, Dynamic Renovations can find the perfect window to fit your window frame and one of our sales representative will come to your house in ether Fairfax, Loudoun, or any northern VA, to talk over what kind of window you’re looking for and take measurements. No matter what you choose, Dynamic will find the custom vinyl window you’re looking for to match the style of your home.

What is the difference between window manufacturers? Aren’t all windows the same?

Simply put, no. Most manufacturers use different sources to get their materials but Dynamic chooses only the best manufacturers for our customers here in the northern VA area. The windows we use have been extruded from raw vinyl (PVC) resin and are of the highest quality. Also many manufacturers claim they use American made parts but are more than likely imported from Canada or other countries. We as Dynamic are proud that all our windows are produced and manufactures here in the U.S. We carry Alside, Atrium, Soft Lite, and Simonton series vinyl windows.

How strong are new vinyl windows? Do they have noise protection or safety?

Here in Northern VA what you should be looking for is a window that offers both Efficiency and Strength to keep your house warm or cold depending on the season. Dynamic uses only the finest windows made by a computer process that makes the windows perfectly square and fit to the frame with precision and accuracy. As far as energy efficient we only use the best, which uses a full interlock in the meeting rail to protect your home all year round for any seasonal problems you may have, and keep any unwanted visitors out. Also our insulated glass provides a barrier of dry air to keep our home comfortable, and all of our customers from Fairfax all the way to Burke comment on the reduction of noise since we installed their windows.

Will my new vinyl windows need a lot of maintenance?

Not at all, our frames and sashes are made of vinyl so no more painting and chalking as the years go by. The windows we install won’t stick and are easy to clean, as you don’t even have to remove the storm windows to get at them. You can do all your cleaning from the inside of your house, all you need is to wipe them with a damp cloth and it will keep your windows clean and looking new for years.

Are reading test results a good way to gauge what vinyl windows I should buy?

As a general rule, no. You have to watch out when looking into tests, as they will not indicate how well they will work for you. Some of the tests only show how certain parts of the window work, like the glass or R-value, and not the window as a whole. Our vinyl window manufacturers all have nationally certified labs to test the windows performance to fit your needs in a modern environment; and are engineered to provide the best energy saving along with being monitored by the National Fenestration Rating Council.

When it comes to saving energy, what is more important? The Glass or the Frame?

Well, 80% of your window is made of glass, so the real heating and cooling comes from what’s called “improved glass performance” not your R-value on the frame. Our custom windows use the latest technology; it’s called a high performance warm edge spacer system. With the spacer system your windows will have a longer lasting seal of insulation and is standard with most of the windows Dynamic uses.

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What other energy-saving options are out there that I should know about?

All of the windows Dynamic Renovations offers has or can be ordered to come with a Low-E feature and/or argon gas. Low-E glass has an exceptional barrier against ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to your carpets, walls, furniture and many other things in your home. Argon gas is a safe, environmentally friendly, colorless, and odorless gas that is heavier than air so creates a great insulation for your home. Not only is argon gas energy efficient but it also acts as a noise reducer so your home is much more peaceful from outside noises.

Our manufacturers also offer a ClimaTech insulated glass package that comes to meet the standards set forth by the ENERGY STAR® window program for all four climate zones. Or you can include a foam spacer to give your home that extra insulated protection cause we all know the Northern VA, area has a wide variety of weather so your home will be ready to weather the season with your new custom vinyl windows from Dynamic Renovations.

What is the ENERGY STAR® Program?

The ENERGY STAR® program was made by the Environmental Protection agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to aid people and customers to recognize the different energy-efficient products. The Program also encourages others to join in “going green” and may recognize the ENERGY STAR® logo as someone who is promoting the environmental movement.

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