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Milk Crate Windows

To see how you could have your milk crate windows remodeled, click the links above. Each link will slide in a different picture below the picture of the milk crates window. You can click the pictures to see full-sized versions of them.

Milk crate windows, or often called egg crate windows, are very common in older homes (1950-1965) in Virginia. You'll find them especially in Arlington VA, Vienna VA, Alexandria VA, older parts of Fairfax city VA, McLean VA, Fredericksburg VA, Stafford VA, Woodbridge VA, Leesburg VA, Pimmit Hills VA, and Manassas VA.

There are many options for replacing this old design, all of which can qualify for the President Obama's new tax credit. WARNING: many tax-credit windows can be darker than the window customer is expecting due to the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.30. Many manufacturers use either Cardinal 336 LoE2 glass from many different window manufacturers or Solarban 70. Ask to see multiple glass pack samples when deciding on which vinyl window replacement to buy.


Double Hung Flanker Set

The double hung flanker set features two double hung windows on either side of a central picture window. This is neither a bay nor a bow window and does not come out of the frame of the opening.

Casements Mulled Together

This window features multiple casement windows mulled together (in the case of our example, it is three casements).

Bay Window

A bay window leaves the frame of the window opening to jut outwards. When looked at from above, a bay window is in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid. The central pane is a picture window, while the two side windows can be casement, double hung, or picture windows.

Bow Windows

Bow windows also leave the frame of the window opening to jut outwards. When looked at from above, bow windows are curved. The outermost two panes can be casement, double hung, or picture. While the rest of the panes are usually picture windows, they could also be double hung or casement (although that is very rare). The bow window example above has four panes, but bow windows can certainly accommodate more.

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