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Fairfax City Window Replacement

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Through the early 20th century, the Town of Fairfax remained a community of farms and small estates, with a tiny core of commerce, government and society in the few blocks surrounding the courthouse. But in the 1950s and 1960s, Fairfax grew rapidly (including an almost 700 percent increase in population during the '50s). In 1961, the town was incorporated as the City of Fairfax. The city's boundaries expanded in three directions as it grew to its present 6.4 square-miles. After an early-'70s peak of 22,700, the population has stabilized at around 21,000. However, new home construction is increasing the population yet again.

Fairfax is defiantly an area in northern Virginia where vinyl replacement windows can pay off for many a homeowner. With the average age of a home in Fairfax being around 35 years you could certainly take advantage of new energy efficient windows to save 30% to 50% on your energy bills.

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Fairfax's residents offer only part of the picture. Incredible growth and activity in and around the city, thriving local businesses, the development in neighboring Fairfax County near the city's border, and the expansion of George Mason University expand the total population of the city during business and school hours to about 100,000. Though this creates a need for more city services, the mix of commercial and residential property means city homeowners generate less than half of the city's revenues. City residents enjoy many advantages that people in neighboring jurisdictions do not, including refuse collection and snow removal by the local government at no additional cost and tax rates as much as 30 percent lower. The residents of the city's 7,824 households have a median age of 33.5 years and an estimated median household income of $59,453 (more than 20 percent higher than the state median). A third of the adult population has a college degree. As of 1998, the average single-family detached home was assessed at $170,100. The median age of homes in Fairfax is 51 years, with 58% of those homes owned, 21% rented and 21% not occupied.

Fairfax city is mostly built with homes prior to 1978 so EPA guide lines for testing for lead must be considered. Many of the homes are smaller and one should consider the frame size of the replacement vinyl window before just purchasing any window.

Northern Virginia is one of the largest markets for replacement vinyl windows in the country. Here in Northern VA we have so many homes with so many different styles that picking the correct vinyl replacement window can seem like a monumental challenge. Well it isnít because you are not supposed to be an expert on the subject you are supposed to contact a company that specializes in what would work for your homes type, what benefits you are looking for, what your long term plans are for the home and what your number one reason for wanting new windows is. You wouldnít call on your clients expecting them to know everything you do about your job so why do you think you should know everything about windows? Thatís why we at Dynamic Renovations have been in the windows business for over 26 years in choosing the right vinyl replacement window system for your homeís needs.

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