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Bathroom Repair

Bathroom leaks are never easy to repair when you are using a custom shower pan and curb.
It really isn't a good idea to hire a Bathroom Remodeler in Northern VA unless you know there work will stand the test of time.
Water is one of the most difficult elements to find and stop from leaking. It gets under the floor tile of the bathroom.

Then leaks down into the living room ceiling.
It takes a few days to even see the leak from your bathroom if its not very big.
It grows mold in your floors and walls.

Bathroom showers are difficult to build from scratch and when done wrong its impossible to keep from leaking.
This is why you should not go with the lowest bidder.
Might as well price in another 4000 to 8000 TO TEAR OUT your new tile and have a real contractor to come in to do the work.

See where the rubber membrane was installed improperly under 2x4 curb.
Then plywood gets soaked and starts to reach saturation point. Wood can no longer hold moisture and you can expect leaks below.
Wood is like Charmin toilet paper and starts to absorb and spread.

Walls need to be replaced with Durock or other approved moisture barrier for showers.
A new design for Bathroom tile must be made because you probably do not have 10 boxes of the tile you used to remodel your bathroom.
New sub-floor for shower must be cut and installed.

Some floor tile for bathroom floor may have to be replaced.
New rubber membrane and curb must be remade correctly.
Drain must be properly installed for shower.

Everything has to be installed including Durock, plywood and new tile.
Lots of money and time and energy could be saved if you pick a contractor that knows what he is doing.
In fact after buying from the lowest bidder then tearing his or her work out and paying the good contractor to repair your lowest bidders work.

You would actually have saved 20% going with the highest price provided it was a reputable bathroom or kitchen remodeling expert.
The tile floor in the shower should be installed fast
then covered so the shower walls can be installed

Then accent lines for tiles
Along the way fixtures for the bathroom must be re-installed
Facets installed shelves

Controls for showers.
Then the shower door must be installed
Fixtures should be tested for pressure and flow.

How much do you really save when using the lowest bidder? Nothing! It costs you a hell of a lot more because of the hassle it can cause.
You better hope the contractor fixing the problem is good with design and can salvage the damaged work.

You might like the look at first but if it doesn't do what you bought it for than your probably wasting any and all of your money.
Even the best contractor can't fix all of a bad contractors work. The floor in the rest of the bathroom was never leveled so unless you plan on re-doing the entire bathroom, pick the right contractor and it is rarely the lowest bidder.

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